Fair procedures for appointments and promotions

“Résumé for Researchers”: Evaluation of individual researchers’ varied contributions to science
To help researchers to share their varied contributions to research in a consistent way and across a wide range of circumstances.
Résumé for Researchers can be adapted for a range of different processes that require a summative evaluation of a researcher. To be effective, the tool must provide value when used by researchers in a wide variety of situations. These include those working in different disciplines, at different career stages and by those who work independently as well as those who work in large teams. The Society has tested the Résumé with a range of different groups and organisations, including senior leaders in academia, the national academies, industry professionals, early-career researchers and career development professionals.
Reference of the resource
Résumé for Researchers, Tools to support and steward research culture, The Royal Society.
Research environment
Procedures for appointments, promotions and numeration
Type of resource:
Relevant discipline(s):
Relevant stakeholder(s):
Post-graduate students
PhD candidates
Early career researchers
Senior researchers
Members of Research Ethics Committees
Members of Research Integrity Offices/Bodies
RPO senior management staff (Rectors, Deans)
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System (macro level)
Institution (meso level)
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