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Research Integrity

v2.0 (last updated 9 October 2020)

The SOPs4RI Toolbox is a structured collection of easy-to-use Standard Operating Procedures and Guidelines that Research Performing and Research Funding Organisations can freely use to develop Research Integrity Promotion Plans, customised to their needs. The SOPs4RI Toolbox also contains supplementary resources that can inspire policy makers to foster research integrity at the organizational level. The Toolbox will continue to grow! New tools co-created with end-users and tools aimed at Research Funding Organisations will soon be provided.
European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity
A framework to conduct reliable research that can be applied to all scientific disciplines
SOPs4RI: Topics to be addressed by RPOs
A description of the 9 topics to be addressed in a research integrity promotion plan
Research Integrity: nine ways to move from talk to walk
From counseling and coaches to collegiality, institutions share resources to promote best practice in science
For Research Performing Organisations
Research Performing

You see the toolbox in its infancy. During the next couple of years it will keep expanding in scope, with tools for Research Funding Organizations, and in content, with tools being built by the SOPs4RI consortium.