Fair procedures for appointments and promotions

Making FAIReR assessments possible
Το provide academic assessments that emphasise diversity, communities, and dialogue and are rooted in both the FAIR guidelines for data management and policies for the responsible assessment of research (FAIReR = FAIR + Responsible).
In this report, we focus particularly on two aspects needed to make assessing open science practices both rewarding and technically possible. These were addressed through the course of two intertwined EOSC Co-Creation projects. The first project, European Overview of Career Merit Systems, aimed to survey the existing landscape of the policies, technical systems and data models used in researcher evaluations and to evaluate how these systems support (or do not support) the responsible assessment of open science in academic careers. The second project Vision for Research Data in Research Careers aimed to understand the current state of assessing open science and data practices and to co-create a vision and roadmap for how these practices can be responsibly taken into account in academic careers.
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Henriikka Mustajoki, Janne Pölönen, Kathleen Gregory, Dragan Ivanović, Valerie Brasse, Joonas Kesäniemi, Elina Koivisto, Elina Pylvänäinen, Making FAIReR assessments possible. Final report of EOSC Co-Creation projects: “European overview of career merit systems’’ and “Vision for research data in research careers” (2021). https://doi.org/10.5281/ zenodo.4701375.
Research environment
Procedures for appointments, promotions and numeration
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