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Evaluating research differently
To give a response to human-driven destruction of biodiversity, to social inequality within and between countries.
With the dawning of the Anthropocene, new opportunities and threats emerge. From human-driven destruction of biodiversity to social inequality within and between countries – we face challenges today which we have never faced at a similar scale in Earth’s history. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated many for the worse. We present an optimistic and pragmatic response. We start with the premise that high-quality research can open pathways to a better future for all. In our view, high-quality research is a necessary companion for a ‘good Anthropocene.’ But seizing this opportunity comes with many questions. Can scientific progress truly connect with, and support, planetary prosperity? How can we know that our efforts are leading to a better future? What does and what should this future look like? Who decides? In the pages that follow, we present one contribution to this challenge, and describe how we have used it to answer these questions. We call it: Research Quality Plus (RQ+). It is a novel approach and practical framework for holistic research evaluation.
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R. McLean, Z. Ofir, A. Etherington, M. Acevedo, O. Feinstein. Research Quality Plus (RQ+) – Evaluating Research Differently. International Development Research Centre, Ottawa, 2022.
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