Fair procedures for appointments and promotions

A comprehensive set of principles for assessing researchers – The Hong Kong principles
The Hong Kong principles (HKPs) aim to recognize and reward researchers who commit to robust, rigorous, and transparent research practices.
The Hong Kong Principles (HKPs) were developed as part of the 6th World Conference on Research Integrity, with a specific focus on the need to drive research improvement through ensuring that researchers are explicitly recognized and rewarded for behaviors that strengthen research integrity. The five HKPs introduced are: responsible research practices; transparent reporting; open science (open research); valuing a diversity of types of research; and recognizing all contributions to research and scholarly activity. For each principle, a rationale is provided as well as examples of where these principles have already been adopted.
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David Moher, Lex Bouter, Sabine Kleinert, Paul Glasziou, Mai Har Sham, Virginia Barbour, Anne-Marie Coriat, Nicole Foeger, Ulrich Dirnagl

“The Hong Kong Principles for assessing researchers: Fostering research integrity” PLoS Biol 18 (2020) e3000737.

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