Supporting a responsible research process

UK research integrity office guideline: code of practice for research
To encourage good conduct in research and help prevent misconduct, in order to assist organisations and researchers to conduct research of the highest quality.
The Code provides general principles and standards for good practice in research, applicable to both individual researchers and to organisations that carry out, fund, host or are otherwise involved in research. The Code is applicable to all subject areas and does not attempt to micromanage research. Recognising that many forms of guidance already exist, the intention is that research organisations may use the principles and standards outlined in this Code as benchmarks when drafting or revising their own, more detailed, codes of practice. No single publication can expect to cover the nuances of all types of research in all disciplines; therefore, the Code should not be seen as prescriptive but as a set of guiding principles and standards to inform the management and conduct of research. The Code covers areas of good practice in research typically included in organisational policies for the conduct of research, drawing upon existing good practice and the experiences of the UK Research Integrity Office (UKRIO) in addressing good conduct and misconduct in research. Detailed guidance is given on core standards for good practice in research but particular attention has been paid to areas where UKRIO has most often been approached for guidance, in the hope of passing on lessons learned to the research community.
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Code of practice for research, UK Research Integrity Office, 2021.
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Supporting a responsible research process
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All stakeholders of scientific research
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System (macro level)
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