Community building for a positive research culture

Research Culture and Environment Toolkit
To promote the best environment for UK research and researchers to thrive.
This toolkit collates all of the practical ideas and suggestions we have gathered through our research and stakeholder engagement into one place under the following themes: (1) Research careers Career stability Career progression Recognition and reward, (2) The experience of working in research Wellbeing, management and support Visibility, sense of community and engagement, (3) Inclusive and respectful environments Equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) Preventing and addressing bullying and harassment. The toolkit is not an exhaustive checklist, but is meant to offer flexible ideas and options for universities, funders and publishers to test, use and adapt to their own contexts as they work collaboratively to enhance the research culture and environment in the UK. Different organisations face different challenges, so initiatives which work well for some may not have the same benefits for others. Rigorous testing and evaluation, using pilot programmes and making appropriate, iterative changes will help maximise impact and deliver progress over time.
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Research Culture and Environment Toolkit, Grace Gottlieb, Stephanie Smith, Jess Cole. and Adam Clarke, Russell Group of Universities.
Research environment
Community building for a positive research culture
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All stakeholders of scientific research
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