Criteria and processes for assessing grant applications

Procedures for the assessment of grant applications and selection of awards should be fully transparent, for example by being publicly available. Assessment criteria should include high methodological and ethical standards and be in line with the principles outlined in the European Code of Conduct for RI as well as applicable national and institutional policies.As research funding becomes increasingly collaborative, agreements between RFOs to fund schemes that bridge organisations, disciplines, sectors and countries should be made publicly available and should include agreement on common (interdisciplinary) assessment criteria.

To provide a framework within which research performing and research funding organisations can adapt their assessment processes and collaborate to reduce increasing strains on the system and tackle challenges faced.
National Institutes of Health (NIH) have applied a major change in how applicants portray their body of work when applying for NIH funds. The new NIH biosketch emphasizes the applicants’ accomplishments instead of just a list of publications.