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The Spanish National Research Council manual of conflicts of interests
To raise awareness among staff members about the importance of ethical, responsible actions, guide them in carrying out their work, and equip them to face ethical challenges that may arise in the course of their daily activities.
Since 2010 the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) has a Code of Good Scientific Practices as an instrument for the promotion of ethical awareness in the Institution, as well as to favor responsible attitudes in decision-making, with the aim of consolidating the integrity and quality of scientific research undertaken within the Institution. Among the recommendations set forth in the Code is an emphasis on the importance of avoiding conflicts of interest. In considering different areas of risk, some of which are peculiar to our Institution, the principal aims of this Manual are to provide orientation and guidance which will facilitate the identification and prevention of conflicts of interest, and to consolidate high ethical standards. In addition, by emphasizing patterns of behavior intended to raise staff awareness of the need to prioritize the public interest, this Manual aims to help ensure that ethics are foremost in our Institution’s activities. The aims of the present guidelines are to identify, prevent, manage, follow up on, and control conflicts of interest that may involve staff members of the CSIC State Agency. The conflicts of interest policy of the CSIC State Agency shall be applicable to all its staff, including trainees.
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The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) Manual of Conflicts of Interest (2015).
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