Procedures for investigating allegations

Self-assessment tool for the concordat to support research integrity (Version 2.0)
To help institutions identify areas of their research practices, policies and culture that may need revision in order to comply with the Concordat.
UKRIO’s Self-Assessment Tool, which has received exceptional feedback since its launch in 2014, poses self-assessment questions for institutions, each mapped onto one or more commitments of the Concordat. For each question, this document also introduces practical ways in which they might be met, as examples of how the Concordat might be implemented. The guidance also explores the particular challenges involved in implementing the Concordat and makes suggestions on what might be included in annual institutional statements on research integrity, a key requirement of the Concordat. Guidance is given on every aspect of the Concordat but particular attention has been paid to areas where UKRIO has most often been approached for guidance, in the hope of passing on lessons learned to the research community. Use of the self-assessment questions will not only help with the implementation of the Concordat, but also enhance an institution’s overall approach to research integrity and help ensure that important issues have not been overlooked. Our aim is not to suggest a “one size fits all” approach or impose inflexible solutions. Rather, we hope that this self-assessment tool will help institutions consider how the Concordat can best be implemented in their particular settings, and how it might be used to promote and sustain research integrity.
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Self-assessment tool for the concordat to support research integrity (Version 2.0), UK Research Integrity Office, 2014 and 2021.
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Procedures for investigating allegations
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