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Responsibilities of RPOs and researchers to promote research integrity in cross-boundary research collaborations – The Montreal Statement
To foster the integrity of collaborative research among RPOs and researchers coming from different regulatory & legal systems, organizational & funding structures, research cultures, and approaches to training.
Research collaborations that cross national, institutional, disciplinary and sector boundaries are important for the advancement of knowledge worldwide. Such collaborations can be challenging in safeguarding the responsible conduct of research, as they may involve substantial differences in regulatory and legal systems, organizational and funding structures, research cultures, and approaches to research and research integrity training. It is critically important, therefore, that researchers be aware of and able to address such differences, as well as issues related to research integrity that might arise in cross-boundary research collaborations. In addition, adhering to the set of responsibilities stated in the tool is particularly relevant to collaborating partners at the individual and institutional levels and fundamental to the integrity of collaborative research. Fostering the integrity of collaborative research is the responsibility of all individual and institutional partners. The Montreal statement provides 20 responsibilities for institutions and individuals that can safeguard research integrity.
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Montreal Statement on Research Integrity in Cross-Boundary Research Collaborations, 3rd World Conference on Research Integrity, 5-8 May 2013, in Montréal, Canada.
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