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Open Access Policy Guidelines for Research Performing Organizations
To assist in the development of efficient Open Access policies among Research Performing Organisations.
The present guidelines provide the context, the process and a model policy that will enable institutions to devise and implement their own Open Access policy. The proposed policy draws heavily on the UNESCO Open Access policy development guidelines, the MedOANet guidelines for Open Access, PASTEUR4OA work on the efficiency of existing Open Access policies, and the RECODE project policy recommendations for Open Access policies to research data. The proposed policy aims to align institutional policies with the Recommendation of the European Commission and the Horizon 2020 requirements on Open Access. It follows current good practice in institutional and funder policies, suggesting obligatory in repositories as the most successful way to ensure that the greatest amount of published research becomes openly accessible for everyone.
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Victoria Tsoukala, Marina Angelaki

“Open Access Policy Guidelines for Research Performing Organizations” PASTEUR4OA project, 2015.

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