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International standards for responsible publication of research – The Singapore Statement
To establish international standards for editors and to describe responsible research reporting practices.
Publications form the basis for both new research and the application of findings. As such, they can affect not only the research community but also, indirectly, society at large. Researchers therefore have a responsibility to ensure that their publications are honest, clear, accurate, complete and balanced, and should avoid misleading, selective or ambiguous reporting. Journal editors also have responsibilities for ensuring the integrity of the research literature and these are set out in companion guidelines. This document aims to establish international standards for authors of scholarly research publications and to describe responsible research reporting practice. The authors of this resource hope these standards will be endorsed by research institutions, funders, and professional societies; promoted by editors and publishers; and will aid in research integrity training.
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E. Wager and S. Kleinert “Responsible research publication: international standards for editors” Chapter 51 in: T. Mayer and N. Steneck (eds) “Promoting Research Integrity in a Global Environment” Imperial College Press/World Scientific Publishing, Singapore, pp 317-28, 2011, ISBN 978-981-4340-97-7.
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Use of reporting guidelines
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