Anti-racist principles, guidance and toolkit
To help achieve racial equity in research funding.
To take anti-racist action, Wellcome Trust needs to understand how racism has shaped all of us – particularly by unduly elevating the positions and perspectives of white people over those of people of colour. Wellcome Trust is aware that people in racially minoritised groups face a number of additional barriers compared to white people. Wellcome Trust will use its influence and power to remove those barriers by upholding the following five principles: 1. Prioritise anti-racism work by dedicating time and resource to it 2. Investigate where there is racial inequity in areas where you hold power 3. Meaningfully involve people of colour in decisions 4. Counteract racism by taking positive action or other targeted approaches to redress racial inequity 5. Use your power to make measurable progress towards racial equity
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ACT BOLDLY: Anti-racist principles, guidance and toolkit, Wellcome Trust, 2021.
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