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Guideline to write a Data Management Plan
To support researchers in writing their Data Management Plan (DPM).
This resource provides a web-based tool (DMP online) to assist researchers in creating personalised DMPs according to their disciplinary context or the particular requirements of their research funder. Specific guidelines are provided for 11 different funders. The tool also provides researchers with examples of best practices via “crowd-sourced” links to Digital Curation Centre's (DCC) resources and external advice. To support researchers in writing their DMPs this resource provides: (a) Tailored DMP assistance for Principal Investigators (PIs) submitting research proposals, (b) Customised DMP online that provides a clear online service for those PIs in need of a data management plan, and (c) a free training course for creating a DMP and customizing it to a researcher’s specific needs.
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The University of Edinburgh, Information service, Research Data Service.
Data practices and management
Guidance and support
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PhD candidates
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