Procedures for investigating allegations

Procedure for the investigation of misconduct in research – UKRIO
To provide institutions with a protocol for the investigation of allegations of misconduct in research.
This procedure is designed to meet a need that may arise infrequently in most organisations engaged in research. When it does, it can have wide-ranging and damaging consequences, and if not handled and addressed properly, can have severe consequences for the research community. When an allegation of misconduct in research is made, timely, thorough and objective actions, as described in this procedure, should enable employers to carry out a full and fair investigation. Research is a complex and increasingly specialised activity. It often requires the knowledge and experience of several experts in the field to discern whether misconduct has taken place. The Procedure includes routes through which an organisation may contact the UK Research Integrity Office (UKRIO) for advice and ask for guidance from expert advisers experienced in handling investigations. We encourage organisations in which staff conducts research to adopt the procedure as part of their policies and systems for the promotion of good practice and integrity in research. Through the widespread adoption and consistent use of the Procedure, it is anticipated that investigations into allegations of misconduct in research carried out by universities and other organisations will be conducted to the standards of objectivity, rigor and fairness set out here.
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Procedure for the Investigation of Misconduct in Research, UK Research Integrity Office (UKRIO), Universities UK (2008).
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Procedures for investigating allegations
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