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European network of Research Ethics and Research Integrity (ENERI) training materials site – The ENERI Classroom
To provide training materials for researchers, science policymakers and professionals working with research integrity, who lack training resources tailored to their needs.
The ENERI Classroom is a training and capacity-building resource that consists of training materials on research integrity and ethics. It targets both new and experienced members of: 1) research integrity advisory boards, committees handling allegations or working with research integrity policy development, research integrity officers and advisors, research integrity ombudspersons (RIOs), 2) research ethics committees including their members and their secretariats (RECs), and 3) experts and officers in EU-bodies. The aim of the resource is to provide training materials for these target groups, who lack training resources tailored to their needs. The interactive training material can be used with the help of a facilitator to maximize interaction and feedback, but can also be used independently. The contents of the training material are structured according to four main lines of content, namely: research integrity, research ethics, related issues, developing infrastructures. Within each main theme, a number of sub-themes are included that can be reached through the online environment of the ENERI Classroom.
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The ENERI Classroom, European Network of Research Ethics and Research Integrity (ENERI) consortium, 2019.
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Other research integrity stakeholders
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