December 20, 2022
After four years of intensive work SOPs4RI has released the final version of the Toolbox (! Do not miss the opportunity to go through it, be inspired, and use it!
November 24, 2022
After a fruitful interaction in Vienna, representatives from Austrian Universities, pilot testers, Dorian Karatzas, and SOPs4RI consortium members have a well-deserved smile on their faces! To be continued . . .
November 17, 2022
We are excited to learn that the 8th World Conference on Research Integrity will be held in Athens, Greece from 2-5 June 2024.
October 22, 2022
The journey continues! A SOPs4RI workshop took place in the 20th of October 2022, during the ENRIO Meeting in Barcelona. Many thanks to the organizers and to everyone for sharing their thoughts!
October 17, 2022
During the last months SOPs4RI Tools and Research Integrity Promotion Plans have been pilot tested and optimized. Here: we share the testimonials! Again, we wish to thank all institutions that carried out this important task!
October 12, 2022
Those who wish to gain deeper insights into SOPs4RI outputs are warmly invited to visit our open collection of peer-reviewed publications, which were based on the project’s empirical programme, here:
February 19, 2019
SOPs4RI kick-off meeting has just finished in Aarhus, Denmark; a 4-year exciting project has just begun! We will keep in touch!