Nature Research journals’ competing interests policy
To assist researchers to be transparent as an author and help readers form their own judgements regarding potential competing interests of the authors.
Nature Research journals’ strict policy is that editorial independence, decisions and content should not be compromised by commercial or financial interests, or by any specific arrangements with advertising clients or sponsors. Nature Research journals’ policy is to disclose such arrangements where there is any risk of a perception of compromise. Authors are required to declare any competing financial and/or non-financial interests in relation to the work described. The corresponding author is responsible for submitting a competing interests' statement on behalf of all authors of the paper. For the purposes of this policy, competing interests are defined as financial and non-financial interests that could directly undermine, or be perceived to undermine the objectivity, integrity and value of a publication, through potential influence on the judgements and actions of authors with regard to objective data presentation, analysis and interpretation. This resource provides guidance on how to deal with potential competing interests of authors.
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